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What Are The Biggest Challenges UK Job Seekers Face?

Finding a job anywhere in the world, no matter how old you are or how much experience you have, is an extremely stressful and even frightening process as your welfare and way of life depend on whether or not you are able to secure employment. It can even be difficult for those looking for a job in the UK, which has been an economy and job market that is on the rise. The challenges associated with the search can fill anyone with anxiety; however, being aware of the biggest challenges will lessen your fears and prepare you for what is to come.

Lack of Experience

For many years, young people between the ages of 18 and 21 have been struggling with unemployment the most out of any other age group in the United Kingdom. Their inexperience and lack of training has made it exceptionally difficult to find a job; however, a new plan has been put in place called the Tory plan in order to eradicate this issue. It requires any person within this age group to participate in community service jobs or some sort of job training if they would like to keep receiving welfare, but for those who fall outside of the ages of 18 and 21, they are still out of luck which presents a huge problem for a lot of job seekers.

The Commuter Struggle

Those who are seeking employment often have to search outside of their local job market if it does not have enough opportunity in their field or perhaps even in general. With little to no income, this can be a very large burden once travel time and the cost of transportation are considered. Unfortunately, the challenge of transportation is one of the largest hindrances when it comes to job seeking as opposed to lack of expertise or capability.

Discrimination is Not Dead

Another challenge that job seekers today face is a hurdle that has been attempted for many, many years. While lessened to a large degree, discrimination in the workplace is still prevalent and thwarting minorities’ ability to find the job they are looking for.  Whether it be skin colour, age, gender, or disability, there are still some employers in the UK who will refuse someone based on these qualities.

Some of the biggest challenges of finding a job in the UK are those of which are unavoidable. Little experience, costly transportation, and appalling acts of discrimination are issues that many unemployed citizens face, and, as of right now, there is no cure that lies ahead. The solution is something that can only be procured by the coming together of a nation or even a society as a whole.

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