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Advemix helps to find a job in the UK

Have you ever considered using the internet in order to find a job in the UK?

Advemix is an employment website that is getting quite popular in the past year. The service features jobs and positions from hundreds of companies located in the UK and recently we have created a special Russian version of the same website. With the help of Advemix you can view hiring information in few dozens of British cities without registration. We have few search tools which will make the whole process a lot easier. There is a basic and advanced search in case you are looking for something specific. You can also choose to receive emails which include updates for your saved searches. In this way you will get info on the latest offers in your industry.

Using the basic search tool is very easy. The basic search is focused on finding a job on two criteria – keywords and location. Since you probably have some kind of skills you can enter the desired job type in the keywords field. This search box is located on the top left side of the page. For example, if you are looking for job as a nurse at any hospital or healthcare facility, simply type “nurse” and you will get all the available job positions that include this keyword. Most people would like to work in a specific area and that’s why you will probably want to use the location field too. You can find this search box next to keywords search box. Enter your location and you will get desired results. You can enter a city but you can also enter a county or postcode. Once you have selected these two things click the Search Jobs button.

In case you are looking for something more specific you can use the advanced search option. You can look for job offers from certain companies, you can use few keywords and phrases, you can choose annual salary etc. The advanced search option is located right under the Search Jobs button. There are around dozen of advanced search options and keep in mind that you don’t have to use all of them.

What is great about Advemix is the fact that we are constantly working on improving user experience. We are also updating the website every day. We use special software to gather info about new job opportunities and automatically transfer them on our website. There are literally thousands of open career opportunities on Advemix at every moment.

Remember that you can also save your job search query. This means that if you leave your email, you will get information whenever a new job position in your field is opened. The process of applying is very easy and if you use Advemix seriously, we are sure that you won’t be jobless for a long period of time.

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