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Job Interview Tips

The clichés won’t help you anywhere especially on a job interview. Be yourself and original, try to show everything you know and try to understand that the feeling of nervousness is quite natural.

Do not repeat phrases that you have read on the internet when you are at the job interview. Learn the basic things about the company where you want to work and make an effort to provide an original cover letter. These are only some of the tips which can be heard by HR professionals. It is very important to present yourself in a natural way and to speak the truth. Each lie can be easily verified and besides false information many people at a job interview try to use some phrases that they have picked up from some book or the internet which is completely wrong. Keep in mind that most people conducting these interviews are real professionals and they know how to recognize phrases that candidates learn from the internet. For example, phrases like – I am a workaholic – or – I am ready to do anything including neglecting my family because I am a hardworking person – can be very often heard during interviews but this is not something that any person wants to hear.

Job interview can be really stressful situation but try to remember that it is perfectly fine to be nervous and have sweaty hands. Sometimes people are embarrassed because of their sweaty hands. In these situations simply use an antiperspirant on the right palm and it will be dried in a second. In this way you won’t be embarrassed when you shake your hand with the human resource manager.

It is crucial to show that you really have motivation and potential for the job position you are applying. Everything else can be developed later. However, preparation for a job interview should include – research about the company, visiting their website and learning more about the company through friends, clients and anyone else who can help you find out more about the products, services and values of the company.

Many people make the same mistake and don’t include some things in their CV like their work experience in some company where they worked without a contract or for a short period of time. Young people do not mention their experience like volunteering, work in bars or through youth organizations. The person doing the interview finds out about this part of your experience during the interview. There is nothing wrong if you have volunteered, in fact this might give you a better chance to get the job because it tells a lot about your determination to succeed.

When it comes to CVs, many people write that they can work under pressure and that they are team players but these are some general things which won’t impress anyone. This is why, apart from CV, it is very important to create a good cover letter where you can say more about your personality and highlight the reasons why you would like to work in this particular company. This is the essence, because the company is looking to overlap its values with the candidate’s values.