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Job Interview Questions: What is Your Greatest Weakness?

When it comes to job interviews most people tend to consider all possible options when they are in front of the interviewer. Now let’s say that you are in a situation where everything is going according to the plan. You have arrived at the location on time, you’ve made the first contact and you are providing solid answers on all the questions on your job interview. It seems that you are very close to getting a job. But all of a sudden you hear the question – What is your greatest weakness? – and you are not sure what to do. You know that you should not answer this question quickly so you take your time but still can’t come up with an answer. The truth is that each of us has at least one weakness and it is better to be honest and answer that question instead of saying “I have no weaknesses”.

In order to find a good answer you should first focus on yourself. Be completely honest and ask yourself what your weaknesses are. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to create a negative opinion or even get depressed. Make a list of your weaknesses and focus on 3-4 things and make sure that they are relevant about the job you are applying for. Falling in love easily is surely not a weakness that is relevant for almost any work. Shyness, lack of computer knowledge or work with a certain program, disorganization and postponement of work until the last minute are some of these relevant weaknesses. Honesty is appreciated by almost every employer.  You don’t have to talk about all your weaknesses, focus on one or two relevant but not very big weaknesses. For example, you can say that you are a little bit introverted and shy but that’s only in the beginning. Once you get familiar with the environment and your coworkers you can be really communicative.

Another good answer is to say that you are a little bit chatty. However, this answer should not leave an impression that you don’t care about the work and that you are focused on chatting with your coworkers. If you are applying for a job which involves communication with clients via email or on the phone it is good to point out that you sometimes know to talk a little bit more but that you can use this as an advantage. In many cases people want to talk to a person who leaves an impression that it cares about them. Some employees are too formal. So, try to present this “weakness” as a skill which can benefit the company if it is used at the right time.

Whatever weaknesses you choose to present, try to be careful how you express yourself. Don’t use any extreme words to describe your weaknesses. It is also very important to avoid practicing the answer. You never know when will the interviewer ask this question and you risk to sound unnatural.