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How to Behave In the Right Way during a Job Interview?

Before the interview, make sure to remember that you are definitely prepared and that you are a good candidate for the job position. If this was not the case they would not call you for an interview in the first place.

When the person who will conduct the interview with you appears, you should smile and look at their eyes. Take a brief moment and wait until the person reaches out the hand and return the handshake. After the greetings and mutual representation, if you believe that it is appropriate, you can repeat their name in a sincere and friendly way and say that it was really pleasant talking to them over the phone and that you are really glad to meet them. Upon entering the room, where the interview will be conducted, wait until the other side offers you a place where you will sit and don’t touch the things around you. If you notice something interesting in the office you can only comment, but make that comment honest and beneficial. Remember that in most cases the employer will observe everything – the way you are dressed, your facial expressions and body language, the way you express yourself and so on.

During the interview, try to focus on the needs and wishes of the employer, so your answers to their questions should also be possible solutions to their problems and meet their needs. Answer sincerely and honestly, keep an eye contact with the speaker, but don’t be too aggressive. The best option is to adapt your communication style to the style of the other party. A basic rule is to avoid interrupting the interviewer in the moment when they are asking you a question or when they are answering your question. If you have something to ask wait until they are finished. Answer every question, do not avoid the answers to the questions you find complicated and try to give precise, clear and honest answers. Be confident in everything you say and be prepared to provide arguments for your answers because many interviewers will look for facts that will support your answers. It is always a good idea to provide examples from the real life or describing a situation where you had the chance to act in a certain way and show your skills and qualifications. Don’t forget that it is completely natural to take some time to think about giving answers to some specific questions. Avoid body language that will highlight your anxiety like foot tapping, finger snapping and playing with your hair. In general, keep in mind that people like to work with those who understand their needs and people who respect their views.

As the interview comes to an end you can expect the point at which you will be asked whether you have some question for the interviewer. Take this opportunity to show your interest and motivation. This is the time when you can say something that you couldn’t say during the interview.