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How to Be Hired Full Time After Seasonal Work

There are thousands of seasonal workers hired by large and small companies during the holidays. The reason is simple – they expect increased consumer spending and they need help. Not all seasonal workers are interested to get a permanent job in these companies because some of them are looking for extra income for this period of the year. However, there are many of them who are looking for a full time job. According to some statistics between 10 and 20% of seasonal workers get the chance to prove themselves as full-time employees after the seasonal work is over. This means that if you are really interested to get a permanent job with the help of your seasonal job position there is a good chance to achieve that. In order to do that you must follow some tips and increase the chances of getting hired because you will probably have to compete with few other seasonal workers for the job.

As we have mentioned before, there are many reasons why people decide to take a seasonal job. That’s why you will notice that each of them has different attitude toward the work they are doing. It is not unusual to see stressed, dissatisfied or even over enthusiastic people on these work positions. Of course, the best idea is to be positive and focused on the work. You have to be prepared to finish every task and accept every challenge with enthusiasm. To put it in simple words you must impress the people around you.

Since the moment you start working you need to find out who your colleagues are and of course who are the managers and permanent employees that you need to impress. It might be difficult to bond with the employees who are already working in the company because some of them might see you as a threat. So, try to build a professional relationship and don’t be too pushy. Ask them if they can help you with some of your tasks when you think that they have time and ask them if they need any help no matter how boring their task looks like. Use the same tactics for your managers. Keep in mind that you need to be seen and noticed, but try to do that in a natural way because otherwise you might experience counter effects.

Many seasonal workers make the same mistake – they presume that they will work in the company for a certain period of time and this makes them less accurate and less effective. In order to avoid situations like these you should start working as a permanent worker. Be precise and be fully focused on your work. Don’t be afraid to stay few minutes after your working time is over and cover your sick colleague.

Finally, you should be straightforward and tell your manager that you are interested in a permanent job. Don’t wait for the last day and mention your intentions as soon as possible. Don’t forget to present yourself in the best possible way.